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FIFA 16: ability of the game

EA are a behemoth of a company who employ people with the skills to implement everything you mentioned, and I completely agree with you on those points.

However fixing them would remove the ability of the game to affect the outcomes of passes, tackles, headers, saves Fifa coins, hell even complete games, as skilled players would rise to the top and once they had a squad they were happy with and winning with - no need to spend money.

Likewise lesser skilled players would more than likely lose interest and move onto another game, and EA lose the residuals on points for packs.

It's this algorithm which makes us all buy packs and improve whether you have a shitty bronze starter team or an 85 rated team of superstars.

I've been watching a lot of replays recently when something shitty happens in game, and the stuff that happens is literally moronic and can only be explained by the game forcing or stopping certain movements.

Players and balls speeding up or slowing down in mid air to either win or lose a header or tackle, balls changing direction in midair to make sure it goes to a certain player, players turning the wrong way on their own before moving to where you are pointing the stick, jockeying an attacker perfectly giving him no option only for him to kick it straight at you and your man to do an auto lunge or auto jump of some sort to let it go through, players legs literally going through each other and the ball to allow them to get a shot on goal...the list is endless.


I'm tempted to start a youtube channel in the new year analysing all the shit that goes on and breaking it down to show how infested with bollocks the game is.

Don't get me wrong, FIFA is an impressive piece of software of massive scale and scope, and there are bound to be bugs in something so complex.
The problem for me is that these bugs seem manufactured into the game on purpose as part of the engine, and no other developer treats its customers so badly, ignores bug reports and bans them from the official forums for talking about something which is obviously in the game (scripting/momentum) and gets away with it - all the while raking in hundreds of millions every year from us.

I'm sure we have all tried letting go of the pad and watched as your team start defending better than when you were actually trying to play - scripted handholding at it's best. If I stop pressing the Fifa 16 coins, the man should stop running, but he doesn't, and that cannot be acceptable - and it isn't in any other game so why in FIFA?
TLDR: Don't be lazy, read it. :)