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People are acting as if a Legend card in FIFA is the ultimate way of deciding the best players of all time, calm down folks. Of course there are players who had far better ability, but it's just a card in FIFA and these should be lower rated legends and therefore give us more options to earn FIFA 16 Coins Android, it's not like this is voting for the Ballon d'Or or something that really matters, it's just adding two new cards that we didn't have before.

So you have to be the most elite player of all time to become a legend in game? You have someone like Tim Cahill who leads a nation, scores in world cups, win trophies and carried us into fantastic results who suddenly cannot be a legend because he is not worthy of being 86 rated? He could be 80 rated and I'd buy his card ASAP.

I'm not thrilled on Lalas, but credit where credit was due, he was the face and personality of those world cup teams primarily on appearance, and he was the first American to play in Serie A. He's a pundit now that people know and recognize in the states. I think there are Americans I would put ahead of him (Friedel, Reyna, maybe a cheeky Cobi Jones), but I can't say it's absolutely ridiculous.


Beyond the fact I'm American, I'm quite okay with each country getting a little shine like this. Like I would love a Tim Cahill legend card for the Aussie brethen. It's more content and the fact is I don't really care if Lalas wasn't the best, he meant a lot to American soccer for someone who was a kid in the 90s.

I would probably rather Johnny Warren. I have only seen him play in a couple of videos because he retired welll before I was born but he is probably the most important person to the game here. Firstly he was part of the 1974 Socceroos squad, the first to ever make the world cup and is really the face of that FIFA 16 Coins IOS. After his retirement he pushed hard for the game that was generally regected here.

His biography "Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters" looked at the game and how it was viewed negatively here (if you don't get the title it is pretty much saying "sexism, racism and homophobia). He tragically died 7 months before we qualified for our second world cup in 2005. We used his catchphrase "I told you so" for the 2006 world cup and the A-leagues best player is awarded the Johnny Warren Medal.