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FIFA 16: Tournament Pack Glitch


Is the tournament pack glitch in effect with the 2 new tournaments?
Italian tournament - 25k pack Tippeligan tournament - 50k pack

If yes, Imma clear out my week and abuse the tournaments all week.
EDIT: The tournament pack glitch is when you win for the 2nd time (or more), you still get the same reward as when you win it the first time. ie. with the pack

I'm pretty sure this used to be a glitch, but now it's intended behavior.
It used to be that you'd win a tournament the first time and receive, say, 5k and a pack. The next time you start the tournament, it would say that the reward is 3k Fifa 16 coins, but if you win, you get the pack anyway.

After the recent patch, if the tournament says you only get 3k coins after the first win, you only get 3k coins after the first win. If the tournament still says you get a pack after the first win, you'll continue to get a pack with each subsequent win.

All that said, if you win the tournament once and it still says you'll get a pack if you win it again, you can almost certainly win the pack over and over again. If you win the tournament once and it says you'll only receive coins from future wins, you won't be able to get more than one pack.

And it was very hard to find decent silver norwegian player even hour ago! Unbelievable :) I had to spent almost 25k for 5 players. Hope it'll worth it. Italian tournament looks more fun (no subbed stars), but prize is not so good.