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How to trap the ball in FIFA 16

The funniest thing is how every GK traps the ball, doesn't panic and tries to make an accurate pass to the CBs or side backs, and then most of the time the defenders try to get out by making short passes, 1-2s, risking 1 on 1s and generally playing like Barcelona.

Every team, even a 60 rated one, tries to pass it out of the defense even when under huge pressure.

Honestly this is the worst AI I have ever played against. World Class is the worst but even on professional you can't even do normal things like hold the ball up with FIFA 16 Coins XBOX 360, they just all attack you and pinch the ball back whatever you do. Patience, high pressure, slow build up, fast build up...NOTHING works unless you are playing on semi pro or some shit like that.


I don't know what you're talking about but the ai seems fine to me besides the fact that they all might play similarly with the tiki taka. I have no problem on professional. I've won a few and lost a few, it's just about getting used to the new gameplay.

If you are on PC - checkout Doctor+ at soccer gaming, his gameplay tweaks have served me well over the years. Moddingway include this with the essential all in one mod later after release.

Also try going full manual, the assists are pure garbage ping pong yikkety yak yak shit. Combined with sliders you can get that game you wanted.

Just don't play on World Class. It's cheap FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE by far the hardest AI, and the most boring. I beat a FutDraft on Legendary and Ultimate. Both instances were inexplicably easier to play against, and also the teams played a more unique style each game.