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FIFA 16 Legend Cards

Landon Donovan deserves a legend card. But the problem is that you fail to understand Donovan isn't solely a legend because of his on-field performance. He is a legend because he did an immense job promoting soccer to the biggest consumer market in world, and is undoubtedly a US Soccer legend.

If you ask any American, the American footballer they are most likely to know is Landon Donovan. Additionally, FIFA sells more in the US than any other country, so it would make sense for EA to market the game by including an American legend. Also, while not amazing, he is the best outfielder in US history and is by no means a bad player, and is the only American to score more than 50 goals for the USMNT. Lastly, I don't really think EA care if a bunch of angry redditors don't agree with FIFA 16 Coins PC, because those angry redditors will be far outnumbered by Americans who will happily pick up the game after seeing their favorite player on it

I appreciate putting legends in even if they aren't the top top players. You can still be a legend to your country or club and I'm down with that as long as their cards aren't super overrated.

That being said it is obviously also an appeal to the American audience since these two seem way down the pecking over of implementing legends using the above logic. It's a business though, it's not like this was the first move EA made to make me realize that.

FIFA 16: find your own way

People are acting as if a Legend card in FIFA is the ultimate way of deciding the best players of all time, calm down folks. Of course there are players who had far better ability, but it's just a card in FIFA and these should be lower rated legends and therefore give us more options to earn FIFA 16 Coins Android, it's not like this is voting for the Ballon d'Or or something that really matters, it's just adding two new cards that we didn't have before.

So you have to be the most elite player of all time to become a legend in game? You have someone like Tim Cahill who leads a nation, scores in world cups, win trophies and carried us into fantastic results who suddenly cannot be a legend because he is not worthy of being 86 rated? He could be 80 rated and I'd buy his card ASAP.

I'm not thrilled on Lalas, but credit where credit was due, he was the face and personality of those world cup teams primarily on appearance, and he was the first American to play in Serie A. He's a pundit now that people know and recognize in the states. I think there are Americans I would put ahead of him (Friedel, Reyna, maybe a cheeky Cobi Jones), but I can't say it's absolutely ridiculous.


Beyond the fact I'm American, I'm quite okay with each country getting a little shine like this. Like I would love a Tim Cahill legend card for the Aussie brethen. It's more content and the fact is I don't really care if Lalas wasn't the best, he meant a lot to American soccer for someone who was a kid in the 90s.

I would probably rather Johnny Warren. I have only seen him play in a couple of videos because he retired welll before I was born but he is probably the most important person to the game here. Firstly he was part of the 1974 Socceroos squad, the first to ever make the world cup and is really the face of that FIFA 16 Coins IOS. After his retirement he pushed hard for the game that was generally regected here.

His biography "Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters" looked at the game and how it was viewed negatively here (if you don't get the title it is pretty much saying "sexism, racism and homophobia). He tragically died 7 months before we qualified for our second world cup in 2005. We used his catchphrase "I told you so" for the 2006 world cup and the A-leagues best player is awarded the Johnny Warren Medal.

FIFA 16: damage the lobbed

AI defence now tracks potential through balls much more, which I think will damage the lobbed through balls to Aubameyang/Sturridge/InsertPaceHere which has been the modus operandi of winning in FUT for quite some time. This places an even greater emphasis on manually defending with one or two CDMs (always go with two) and letting your CBs and fullbacks organise themselves 90% of the time.

Crossing doesn't seem to be OP in the way in which it was for FIFA 14, but fut16coin feel it has the potential to be OP for those who can time a good cross consistently. I think this is a happy medium between 15 and 14 that will reward those who learn how to master crossing.

We will all be using 'passing with purpose' this year, a lot. I've realised that it makes up for many of those infuriatingly weak balls to obvious teammates. However, you have to use a mixture of regular passes and powerful ones, as whilst decent players seem to receive these passes with little hassle, opponent AI is very quick to intercept anything too speculative. This, I'm hoping, is something that if employed effectively will be the key to winning this year, instead of pace - imagine that!


No touch dribbling... No use dribbling. Sorry EA, it's a great idea but I just won't be using this in any offline modes, the jury is obviously still out on whether it will be useful online, though.

Shooting feels different, I would say it feels more 'authentic' but I honestly can't tell whether that's because it is or because it's some sort of confirmation bias as I knew they said they were tweaking it this year.

Overall, this iteration's gameplay should hopefully swing gameplay strategies back towards those of the football purists and away from the arcade-style obsession with pace that has dominated the game for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins. If the updates to passing and defender AI can do this, this will be a really good year to be a FIFA player.

TL;DR - Imagine if 13 year old youtube comments read 'omg look at his passing' instead of 'pace', this new dawn may soon be upon us.

How to trap the ball in FIFA 16

The funniest thing is how every GK traps the ball, doesn't panic and tries to make an accurate pass to the CBs or side backs, and then most of the time the defenders try to get out by making short passes, 1-2s, risking 1 on 1s and generally playing like Barcelona.

Every team, even a 60 rated one, tries to pass it out of the defense even when under huge pressure.

Honestly this is the worst AI I have ever played against. World Class is the worst but even on professional you can't even do normal things like hold the ball up with FIFA 16 Coins XBOX 360, they just all attack you and pinch the ball back whatever you do. Patience, high pressure, slow build up, fast build up...NOTHING works unless you are playing on semi pro or some shit like that.


I don't know what you're talking about but the ai seems fine to me besides the fact that they all might play similarly with the tiki taka. I have no problem on professional. I've won a few and lost a few, it's just about getting used to the new gameplay.

If you are on PC - checkout Doctor+ at soccer gaming, his gameplay tweaks have served me well over the years. Moddingway include this with the essential all in one mod later after release.

Also try going full manual, the assists are pure garbage ping pong yikkety yak yak shit. Combined with sliders you can get that game you wanted.

Just don't play on World Class. It's cheap FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE by far the hardest AI, and the most boring. I beat a FutDraft on Legendary and Ultimate. Both instances were inexplicably easier to play against, and also the teams played a more unique style each game.

How do you think about FIFA 16's AI

The AI games will always be pretty much the same. You get a grasp on how the CPU behaves, you start predicting it's patterns, you wait for your chance and score. All that could take you hundreds of games of course, but after you figure out the AI patterns you basically beat the game and everything after that is just the same.

Don't get me wrong, not really trying to argue that AI is superior to human vs human play in terms of sheer unpredictability FIFA 16 Coins PS3, it's just a personal preference thing... I feel the same way about most first person shooters. I almost always prefer the campaign to online multiplayer, unless I'm playing with friends.


This is the top rated post on here for the week. Now, perhaps "anxiety" is too strong a word because I don't become a non-functioning human over a video game. Perhaps "I don't feel like dealing with assholes" is a more apt way of describing my attitude. And like I said to the other guy, I know that playing a user is going to yield more unpredictability. But my personal preference is to play the CPU and this entire post is about that and wanting the best out of it.

Besides, I have stopped playing many games I have logged insane amounts of hours into. FIFA is different however, as it keeps renewing itself - and mirroring real lifes football makes it feel a bit fresh every year, considering transfers, new stars etc. etc.

I have to say though, I cant for the life of me understand how anyone can log "insane amounts of hours" only playing the CPU in this game. No offence. If playing the CPU was my only option for FIFA 16 Coins PS4, I would probably never play it. And I do mean never. But I've been playing online multiplayer games since the mid 90's.

FIFA 16 Defend Skill

Almost all of E3, and IGN's coverage was about the defending. Players run back as soon as they lose the ball, they work as a defensive unit, you can back out of slide tackles instead of losing the player completely, there's 'defensive agility' that helps people tracks run better (I saw a video of Rakitic marking Ronaldo, then running to cut out Bale's run instead when he saw Ronaldo was covered by a CB if he left him, that was impressive).

There's swing steps, so when someone is running at you, your defender is more agile instead of running towards him or at the side. The interceptions are more dynamic, your player doesn't just stand still when a ball goes past him that he could easily get FIFA 16 Coins PS3. I dunno...crossing isn't automatically aimed at a player's head anymore, and there's a button for more drilled, precise passes, which is good for clearing and starting an attack instead of hoofing it up.


The Defensive AI looks solid, and they've obviously spent a long time giving players more control of it instead of this year where it's easy to get past over and over and if you have pace. So it's cool that we're starting to see the attack improvements too.

The "fake" body feint is more subtle and doesn't usually fool the average d1 player. Against a skilled player who's good at predicting movements, yeah maybe. The new animations looks like he's actually going to buy FIFA 16 Coins PS4 and might be more effective, but we'll see. I just hope it won't end up like most skill moves in FIFA which are ineffective and basically useless.

Have more fun in FIFA 16

The game mode actually isn't about who is the best at FIFA. It's about having fun. That's it. It's extremely elitist to say that those who are better at FIFA should get more out of it. Everyone pays the same $60. Current reward differences should stay the same, but the returns for everyone should be increased. We should be able to open packs more often.

Get a job and open more packs then. Until now onlt coinbuyers and some traders were able to get the better players and i don't see how to get FIFA 16 Coins XBOX 360. The more you win the better rewards you get, thats how it should be. If you're shit buy fifa points.

Others have fun in taking the challenge of winning the higher divisions and taking their reward for it, whats your fucking point ? You are shit and want more free packs ? Thats not going to happen, they are there to buy exactly for people like you.


I'm not sure if there is a way to make the game perfect. Too many people play it and that means that there are too many opinions floating around. No way to please everyone. Also, who knows if EA cares enough. I've gotten the impression that as long as they have the licenses they could put out dog shit and still have everyone buy it.

The lower division rewards aren't much different than they are now. There are a LOT more people in the lower divisions who'll never even sniff D1 promotion than there are people actively vying for - let alone who'll ever win - a D1 title. Not winning the higher division titles isn't due to people not playing enough or trying hard enough, they're (we're) just not good enough. I know because I'm one of them. I play primarily in D4, sometimes D3, sometimes D5.

Definitely agree with enhanced coin bonuses for winning leagues. Most of the coin bonuses are based on FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE buying/selling issues. Once the market was totally spun out of control then it became more and more apparent that just playing FIFA causes you to fall further and further behind the 8 ball. Winning D1 pretty much gets you a pretty poor amount for what is a pretty significant achievement.