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FIFA 16 Career Mode Suggestion

Better AI managers and transfers (as in more realistic).even sacking poorly preforming AI managers.

-Be able to see the top players in the world. As if a professional manager wouldn't know the top 25 or even 50000 Fifa coins, it's too hard to know who are the best players in the world after a few seasons.

-Better scouting and transfers, show potential of fully scouted players.
-Upgrade stadiums:but make it a really big deal like you'll have to take a lower budget for a year or two but then a really big budget when you're settled, also include real life stadium upgrades like west ham to Olympic stadium or Anfield increase.

-Change jersey, even just once after a few seasons.
-Be able to set your style of play a lot better like football manager I know you can kind of now but even more in depth.

-Other teams play there style of play e.g. Swansea play possession or Barcas passing game.

-No more board selling unhappy players for a fraction of their value.
-Multiplayer career mode. This is already in football manager. Say you have like 3 or 4 people pick different teams in the PL or wherever and it doesn’t advance till everyone has pressed would be tough to do but super fun.

-Training...just like a kick about with your team no draining stamina but no increase in stats, just to get a feel of your team.

-Increase budget realistically and let left over money carry over.
-THIS IS A BIG ONE: I'll have to use an example to explain it...say if I do a career with Burnley who are newly promoted and I finish 15th that would mean I’ve done very well since Burnley have the weakest squad in the BPL but if I did finish 15th most of my players would be out of form which is stupid...there should be less expectations for newly promoted teams.
-Better press conferences.


-More player communications and team talks.
-More player faces.

-Better development especially in youths(Stamina is a huge problem in youths)

-Manager attributes like in Football Manager.
-More difficulties, like another difficulty between each of the current ones.
-Long term stat keeping.
-More presentation for cup wins.

-Manager reputation with fans/board.
-More interaction with Fifa 16 coins android.
-Increase in weak foot and skill moves.
-Youngsters increase in height.

-Pick your staff (coaches, trainers etc.)
-No players getting stuck on the same rating even if they are young and playing amazing.

-More control when simming(subs and choosing style of play and seeing who got assists and seeing match rating)
-Longer career mode 20+ years
-Get the lower leagues of English football.