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Landon Donovan deserves a legend card. But the problem is that you fail to understand Donovan isn't solely a legend because of his on-field performance. He is a legend because he did an immense job promoting soccer to the biggest consumer market in world, and is undoubtedly a US Soccer legend.

If you ask any American, the American footballer they are most likely to know is Landon Donovan. Additionally, FIFA sells more in the US than any other country, so it would make sense for EA to market the game by including an American legend. Also, while not amazing, he is the best outfielder in US history and is by no means a bad player, and is the only American to score more than 50 goals for the USMNT. Lastly, I don't really think EA care if a bunch of angry redditors don't agree with FIFA 16 Coins PC, because those angry redditors will be far outnumbered by Americans who will happily pick up the game after seeing their favorite player on it

I appreciate putting legends in even if they aren't the top top players. You can still be a legend to your country or club and I'm down with that as long as their cards aren't super overrated.

That being said it is obviously also an appeal to the American audience since these two seem way down the pecking over of implementing legends using the above logic. It's a business though, it's not like this was the first move EA made to make me realize that.