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This is one of my biggest problems with FIFA...the game is talked about as if it's a fucking MMO or something and it's balanced the same way.

This is why there is so little tangible variance in the abilities of the players when we look beyond physical attributes and things like dribbling. This is why players like Xavi are historically not better than players like Ramires in FIFA.
It feels like this game has a sort of baseline effectiveness of every mechanic, and mechanics increase with attributes to wildly varying extents. For example the difference between a 70 pace player and a 80 pace player is astonishing but the same difference between passing or crossing or various mental stats feels almost negligible in practice.

What I'm getting at is that the whole thing is fundamentally flawed. FIFA has even adopted "balance" as a buzzword this year, which is really concerning. It's pretty simple on paper, albeit very difficult in practice: make a game where players who couldn't do a particular thing to save their life in the real world can't do it, and vise versa for those who can do it. Instead we get blanket changes that compress the spectrum of performance variance within an attribute. fut16coin wishes we could reach a point where we're arguing more often about whether specific players should be able to do what they do in the game and not whether or not a baseline mechanic is "OP" but I'm not holding my breath.


If EA's history with this game is anything to go off, this early crossing mechanic will probably be one of those where your 73 rated regen right back is slinging in Beckhamesque crosses from the halfway line only marginally less consistently than someone with 90 crossing. And then they'll end up nerfing it for everyone so even the best crosser in the world will send it into the goalkeeper's arms 90% of the time. This is not the right genre to balance like a MOBA.

The thing is though, a lot of these buzzwords accompany changes that ostensibly target a lot of the common complaints about FIFA 15. The fact that defenders (again, ostensibly) no longer play like they're on fucking ice skates is a game changer. Players intercepting more passes is a game changer. More variance in shot types is a game changer.

OK now you actually have to give them the credit for. 2 years in a row they actually working on the bad sides of the Fifa 16 coins ps3, rather than adding some new animations. The offensive side of the game since the 15 demo was too close to the perfect. Now can't wait for defensive. The question how do they implant it with controllers. My guess would be half-AI half manual controller. Can't wait for the demo.