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How do you think about FIFA 16's AI

The AI games will always be pretty much the same. You get a grasp on how the CPU behaves, you start predicting it's patterns, you wait for your chance and score. All that could take you hundreds of games of course, but after you figure out the AI patterns you basically beat the game and everything after that is just the same.

Don't get me wrong, not really trying to argue that AI is superior to human vs human play in terms of sheer unpredictability FIFA 16 Coins PS3, it's just a personal preference thing... I feel the same way about most first person shooters. I almost always prefer the campaign to online multiplayer, unless I'm playing with friends.


This is the top rated post on here for the week. Now, perhaps "anxiety" is too strong a word because I don't become a non-functioning human over a video game. Perhaps "I don't feel like dealing with assholes" is a more apt way of describing my attitude. And like I said to the other guy, I know that playing a user is going to yield more unpredictability. But my personal preference is to play the CPU and this entire post is about that and wanting the best out of it.

Besides, I have stopped playing many games I have logged insane amounts of hours into. FIFA is different however, as it keeps renewing itself - and mirroring real lifes football makes it feel a bit fresh every year, considering transfers, new stars etc. etc.

I have to say though, I cant for the life of me understand how anyone can log "insane amounts of hours" only playing the CPU in this game. No offence. If playing the CPU was my only option for FIFA 16 Coins PS4, I would probably never play it. And I do mean never. But I've been playing online multiplayer games since the mid 90's.