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What do you think about passing in FIFA 16

The passing in this game is just flat out unacceptable. Literally every game of FUT 16 I play is filled with misplaced passes leading to goals for me and my opponent. Even the addition of players with very high passing such as Fabregas, Iniesta, etc is preventing this from happening.

Concentrate on some of the basics of passing irl. Make sure your players shoulders are square to where they are passing. Keep the pace of a player who is about to play a pass under control, and finally, one touch passes should only be played when absolutely necessary to create a chance or get out of a tight spot.

You guys can't even accepted a different opinion on the game, anyones who doesn't like something in 16 your argument is that the person is bad at the game. What kind of argue is that?500k Fifa 16 coins? Learn to accept other people opinion and point of view,just because it might be different than youre's it doesn't mean it's wrong or unnaceptable.

Most of the people I see that are complaining about passing is just spamming the A button. If you do what japes said in his comment you will succeed in this game. Spamming the A button or attempting passes out of balance or with your back turned won't work this year.

Gone are the 40 yard back heel no look on the volley eyes closed passes. It might feel less fun while we get used to it but one of my major gripes in the past was the way fifa felt too arcadey. If the game is the same I'll try and approach it as a new game entirely rather than a continuation of 15 and build my playstyle up from the ground again.


Not sure what you're referring to, I haven't noticed any issues with misplaced passes. Are you playing with low-rated players or something? I'm not saying you're wrong, I just haven't had any problems myself. I have noticed that if you're trying to do a leading pass to a running teammate, it's much better to use the through ball button in many situations rather than a regular pass.

Passing in 16 has to be more thoughtful, you can't just ping it about and expect to walk into the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins. You gotta either take a touch when the player receives the pass or have that player facing the next passing option, otherwise your pass can go wayward.

It is absolutely more realistic. I see how some people play online and it's madness, if you have ever played football in real life you would know that 16 has probably the most realistic passing mechanics of any FIFA so far.

"Assisted" passing and even "semi assisted" passing in game settings is a thing of the past now I believe. That's if you really don't want to rage because fifa passes to the guy way behind your intended guy even though you tapped the pass button. So annoying. I just switched to manual and I have to say so far it's way better. Yeah you cant spam pass and 90% it will go to your teammate. But this is good! My advice, try manual passing!