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Five tips of FIFA 16

I have always played online seasons but this year I found it boring and repetitive, I was getting pissed off by all the glitches/bugs/ibarbo's that were out there. I took up playing offline seasons and I have finally perfected my team and my style of play that lets me beat the CPU virtually every time and lets me claim all of those free jumbo gold packsin div 1!

After seeing this question asked multiple times, here are a few simple tips on how to beat the CPU on legendary.

1 - Possession is KEY
Here's a screen grab from the last game I played, as you can see I managed to significantly out pass possibly the best passing team with Fifa 16 coins pc. Keep your passing simple, pass around the defence slowly pushing forward. Run out of ideas and cant see a clear ball through? That's fine! it happens all the time, just don't rush turn around and start again with the defence.
Don't play like you would online, lobbed through balls are a big no no. I try to not play any through balls unless I have enough room to fit a bus in! It always helps to have at least 1 ball playing CB and have a CDM who can dictate the tempo.

Treat the CPU like you wanted to treat that 12 year old Mexican kid who was being yelled at by his Mother over the headset. You know... the one who just scored a hat trick against you with doumbia and watched all the f***ing replays!!

That's right, pass around the back, be a dick hold the ball up, the CPU really do get pissed off and that's how I win 75% of my games, keep the ball make them chase it. The longer the game goes on they will charge out and make mistakes, a lot of my games result in the CPU getting a red card!

2 - Defending is vital!
It may sound simple but the CPU will rarely try to counter attack you unless you are on all out attack asking for it so you don't really need that CB with 80 pace any more. Put in players like Terry [84 Def] over the likes of Onuoha [75 Def] who may be amazing online but will get destroyed by the Legendary attackers, there dribbling and ball control is insane and they will just walk around you when you try to make a tackle.

NEVER CHARGE AT THE OPPOSITION! I cant express how vital this is, if you are running after the ball they will pick you off, just use your CDM to float around and block passing lanes. Try to play them down the wings , jockey them until they make the cross and then clear it with your CB's. The CPU love to cross the ball when you play like this, players like Messi and Neymar are wasted in an aerial battle with Terry!

3 - Learn how to take set pieces!
Free kicks are insanely easy on this years Fifa, I score with around 50% of my free kicks within 30 yds, that may not sound like a lot but the goalkeepers on Legendary are capable of some amazing saves ( not like their mentally challenged online colleagues). Get into the skill games and practice practice practice!!


4 - Physical is king around these parts!
My squad has only one player with pace over 90, I much prefer physical and ball control for playing offline. If you try to outpace the defenders they will stop you dead unless you have A LOT of room! I added Zlatan [86 Phy] into my squad, I know some people wont be able to afford him but there are plenty of alternatives out there! I score so many goals from shielding the ball with him and waiting for a lay off pass, it draws in the defenders to make a tackle and often results in either making space for my other forward or me getting free kicks (and scoring them!)

5 - Play 2 up top!
I like to pair my big man forward with a smaller more agile forward with high finishing, they make great runs around the big man when you are shielding the ball which is vital if you want to get the defence out of position.
I would advise against playing a 4-3-3 formation as it leaves your lone forward isolated, wingers are very ineffective against legendary and will get out paced and out muscled almost every time. But hey if you like the formation why not give it a go!

Small tips :
Winning after the 70th minute? Go defensive and counter attacking! the chances to score will be on a gold platter for you to feast on!
Use subs! fitness is a big factor in the last 20-30 minutes of a game, make the most of your subs especially in the midfield area!

Struggling with the speed of the game? Change the game speed to Low for a more realistic experience.

Lastly , don't forgot that this needs cheap Fifa 16 coins. If you lose big deal just try again, next time you will be better! Don't lose your head if you are losing, just play on and learn from your mistakes!

Not sure if anybody will find this useful as I have no experience writing guides, but if anybody has any questions feel free to ask I will be happy to help you in any way I can!