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A boatload of coins in FIFA 16

I got my start by flipping discard guys for a few hundred more at a time. Yes, it is possible and yes it takes time to accumulate a boatload of Fifa 16 coins. However, without the massive inflation caused by coin glitching and selling, it wouldn't take that long at all. I hate being in the position of having to defend a soulless bloodsucking company like EA, but you aren't guaranteed mass profits on the market.

Let's be honest here... investors and price fixers are partly to blame too. Why does someone need 20 SIF De Bruynes? I'm not suggesting people that do this are cheaters, because they are playing within the rules in front of them. But if a handful of people own the majority of a card, its value will skyrocket because of fixing the market for that card. Its value is artificially inflated because people buying the card are doing so for the sole purpose of flipping it for profit.

Again, i have bought cards and sold for profit, so I'm not saying these are bad people. I'm just saying that those of us who like playing the market have caused an already volatile situation to probably be exacerbated somewhat. I never understood why people feel they're entitled to make 400k a night buying and flipping a few cards though. earning coins should be a bit of a grind. It shouldn't be that easy to get over 2 million coins.


the market was always going to collapse, hence why they have to rebuild it from scratch every year. again - real world?

this new system won't work as we know it because ea generates cards every week that are a RARE commodity. demand goes up and therefore so does supply inversely. supply doesn't exist at all in the new system after a certain point. however in the old system the rich get richer exponentially so making it harder for newer players. i knew this, which is how i was able to make my team of messi, ronaldo, toty players etc. without to buy Fifa 16 coins and retire from trading after toty.

the problem with the old system is that it was not economically viable or fair (and this coming from someone who manipulated it successfully). it collapses and is unfriendly to newcomers or people starting late. cards are monopolised.

the new system? well the potential problems are so far theoretical and interesting but this is a brilliant exercise in how to build a successful economy and it will most likely fail for several years until they might finally crack it and solve real world economic problems.