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There are significantly more realistic in FIFA 16

Overall the game-play is an improvement over last year and games are significantly more realistic, not necessarily more fun, with lower scoring tight games becoming the norm over previous year goal fests. As you go up the divisions and people learn to defend better it becomes a real struggle to create clear chances and any small mistakes made can easily lead to a lost game.

Defence is overpowered
With the prevalence of formations with at least one but usually two defensive midfielders there is very little space in the middle third of the pitch making playing through the midfield quite tough, combine this with highly over-tuned interceptions meaning more direct play is also incredibly difficult it can e quite a task to mount threatening attacks.

Playing a possession style is not that effective
Simply put passing the ball from back to front is really risky. Due to defences being tough to break down the easiest way to score a goal is to rob the ball in the oppositions half and hit them on the break when there is more space. The more passes you play with Fifa 16 coins ps3, the more likely you are to give the ball away, you have to be unbelievably careful with each pass you play as one misplaced pass could be the game and it happens far to often.

High pressure isn't the best way to defend but the best way to attack
As mentioned before winning the ball up the pitch is the best way to score making high pressure extremely common. However it does open up space to be outplayed with good passing. Unfortunately for those who like to play a passing game it is more common that the person playing high pressure wins the ball than the times you play around them.

Defending a lead is way too easy
If you manage to get a lead simply going into defensive and manually tracking runs and holding your shape in midfield often makes you impregnable because defending is so overpowered and passing is not fantastic, especially through balls. It also means the person chasing the game throws players forwards and counter attacking is a piece of cake.


Crosses are pretty useless
Despite the new crossing systems wing play on this game is really stupid. The most dangerous ways to score from out wide are very early crosses or getting to the bar line and dribbling into the box hoping for a pen or a cut back (sigh). Crossing from beyond the penalty box very rarely results in a goal as keepers claim anything even remotely close to them and defenders win the vast majority of headers not matter how good the cross.

Pace is still amazing, but not in the same way as the last few years
The old lump the ball over the top to a pacey striker is dead however pace is equally as abusable in this fifa as it was in previous versions, it just needs to be paired with high dribbling. As passing is risky but tackling is hard the best way to attack is simply running at your opponent with a high dibbling and agile player (Cuadrado/Bolasie/Konoplyanka). The LT/RT dribbling is strong and accelerating past defenders will either work out or get you a free kick 7 times out of 10 and will get you an absurd amount of penalties.

Officiating is broken
While everyone complains about penalties that isn't even the worst way officiating is broken. Offsides are now called even when the player offside doesn't get near the ball (especially bad when using manual through balls or passing). The referee calls advantage but the moment you play the ball calls back for a free kick, even when the break is on, even when you have the ball in the opponents net! You can pulled, pushed , knocked off the ball from behind when the opponent has no hope of getting the ball and the referee will never call a foul even though it massively impairs your players abilities. Using strength to win the ball (shoulder to shoulder) will result in a foul if the strength difference is large enough and the other player falls over, making high strength an awful asset. Opposition running into your stationary players is called for a foul even if it is no where near the ball. Also an opposition player catching a defender with the follow through results in the foul being given against the defender, even if the ball has gone.