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FIFA 16 Defend Skill

Almost all of E3, and IGN's coverage was about the defending. Players run back as soon as they lose the ball, they work as a defensive unit, you can back out of slide tackles instead of losing the player completely, there's 'defensive agility' that helps people tracks run better (I saw a video of Rakitic marking Ronaldo, then running to cut out Bale's run instead when he saw Ronaldo was covered by a CB if he left him, that was impressive).

There's swing steps, so when someone is running at you, your defender is more agile instead of running towards him or at the side. The interceptions are more dynamic, your player doesn't just stand still when a ball goes past him that he could easily get FIFA 16 Coins PS3. I dunno...crossing isn't automatically aimed at a player's head anymore, and there's a button for more drilled, precise passes, which is good for clearing and starting an attack instead of hoofing it up.


The Defensive AI looks solid, and they've obviously spent a long time giving players more control of it instead of this year where it's easy to get past over and over and if you have pace. So it's cool that we're starting to see the attack improvements too.

The "fake" body feint is more subtle and doesn't usually fool the average d1 player. Against a skilled player who's good at predicting movements, yeah maybe. The new animations looks like he's actually going to buy FIFA 16 Coins PS4 and might be more effective, but we'll see. I just hope it won't end up like most skill moves in FIFA which are ineffective and basically useless.