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The TOTY players of FIFA 16

It's worked out well for those that are holding TOTY players. Well, in theory it has since they have got value but in reality they can't sell them. Those without TOTY players got hosed.

For the uniform prices across systems to work the market needs to be across systems as well. I'm sure those PS3/4 players that are awash with coins would snap up any TOTY players that PC players listed.

it was starting to function properly. if consoles were having problems they should have just put the "fix" on consoles only and left pc well alone for the remainder of fifa 15.

i suppose there was a possibility that coin sellers would migrate to pc though and make it worse than you can imagine.

people may be more likely to buy Fifa 16 coins now because how else can they get any good players? it's not possibile for a lot of people to trade if no one's buying.


Yea, I think this quote from the guy who made the anti cheat program sumps it up

The truth is that they never tried. Their game is designed around and for consoles on the assumptions that clients can't do bad things. That assumption is not true on PC and since the game is P2P there's no authority, servers can't easily tell "who's the bad guy". There are some "easy" fixes that they could try: serverside checks on timestamps winrate and playtime, statistical infererence on match reports and maybe some memory obfuscation. Those would end 95% of the actual cheating but that would * off the hackers and that could lead to even bigger problems, especially since the game only protection is: "please don't do that". They won't change their design for few thousands players (they have millions), they won't start a war against the hackers because they can't win unless they change said design.

And even if we open packs and pack a bale, he won't sell because his price went up by 200k after the stupid price ranges were implemented, so y open packs in the first place. I'm going to play seasons until I win the Div 1 title and after that i'm deleting FIFA from my PC cos at that point its just going to be a waste of storage space.

I was actually pretty close to affording Messi/Ronaldo squad with my IF investments, and I would probably have gotten there by now if the web app didn't go there. Even with the web app being down, I've managed to make 1.5 million Fifa coins in 2-3 weeks just bargain hunting and I'd probably have gotten there within a month. Now that the prices have gone up and I have no way of making big profits, there is no way I'd be able to afford that squad anymore.