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I discover so many bugs in FIFA 16

I see this argument frequently, and frankly it's ridiculous. People aren't fucking cars: running a lot does not wear out your carb and make your acceleration decrease. Rooney is just past the average hormonal/developmental physical peak for men, and it becomes significantly more difficult to maintain pace and acceleration after that. But doing a lot of running makes it more likely to make you faster, not wear out your engine...

If he hasn't experienced injuries to the hams, knees, or calves (which I don't recall being a problem for Rooney), all that running and experience isn't going to decrease his acceleration magically. Quite the opposite. On the other hand, if he's changed his training, picked up injuries, or slacked off that can. If you want a reap world comparison, consider Usain Bolt. He's about 10 months younger than Rooney, and nobody with eyes or a brain suggests that all his mileage is making him slower all the sudden.

Injuries, yes, but Rooney doesn't have a history of such injuries. Ronaldo, Bolt, Michael Jordan, etc. ad infinitum. Many, many examples from any number of sports can demonstrate that time and games played isn't what precipitates physical decline (until you hit about 32 years for most men). I am a biologist (plants, but I took a lot of physiology classes on the way to get a PhD), and this is one of those persistent sports myths that just gets under my skin.


Rooney is certainly not as quick as he once was. fut16coin suspects it has to do with training, a change in the type of game he tries to play (where he is a playmaker first), and the relative fitness and characteristics of defenders in the PL. Think about it: all other things equal, don't you think that PL centre backs are quicker and faster than they used to get some Fifa 16 news? Rooney is going up against a different type of player than he used to, and now he's expected to do a lot more throughout the game than when he was a youngster.

EA Sports piss me the fuck off. They release games year after year at full game price, making God knows how much money, yet I discover so many bugs in FIFA. Not just gameplay but menu bugs and other random glitches.
When I see that Smalling is 79.. it absolutely blows my mind. He's arguably been our best player this season and he is clearly our defensive leader. Anything in the air he cleans up. He's quick and he's strong. An overall of 83 wouldn't be too much for him, IMO.

People are throwing fits because fifa ratings have been crap for years now. I have not bought the last two editions but before that I bought and played every fifa for many years. I remember after our treble winning year we were still rated worse then barca, real madrid, chelsea and inter. Fifa has always been biased in ratings. Look at how they were rating arsenal 4 and half stars for years (are they still doing that?) putting them at the same level as a roma and Tottenham. I bet they still have david luiz as one of the best defenders in the world wich I will never understand.