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FIFA 16 Trading Guide: Trading from 0-500k

Today I will be making this post to help users trade better, smarter and safer in FIFA 16. It does not matter if you have been playing since FIFA 09 or if you bought the game for the first time this morning. This guide will cover everything you need to know about trading from 0-500k.

Lets get this guide started. I will cover two methods for each price range.

Alright, we've all been there. You got nothing for your starter packs and can't seem to pick up any deals. Don't worry, I've got you covered. The first method I have is the classic bronze pack method. I don't like it, but it works are it can earn you some nice Fut 16 coins if you don't have a lot. Open up a 400 coin bronze pack and list everything for 200 BIN. If you get a good player/rare fitness card you have already profited but it not, 200 BIN for everything will get you profit. I tried it at the start of FIFA and it took my cards 3 days to sell but it eventually got me from 500 coins to 1.1k coins.

The second method I have is the Bronze, BPL, MAX bid 1k method. You put those into the search and look for a player with decent stats (i.e. high 60s low 70s) and check their lowest BIN. If there is a margin for profit, take it. Bid on the player and try to win it below the BIN + tax (5%). Then, after you won it just list for the lowest BIN or lower if you want a higher chance of selling for easy profit. This method is great because not many people pay attention to Bronzes on the bid. Using this method I picked up a Kenedy up for 700 coins and sold for 1.8k.

Here, you should now have a decent coin base. Now, I will show you the method which got me the most coins. First, pick a player in your price range. Check their lowest BIN and see where they insta sell. You now have two choices. You can either one, pick the up on the bid below their BIN and then insta sell the for profit. For example I picked up a Monreal for 1.7k on the bid and then sold for 2.2k BIN. There are so many players on the market, it doesn't matter if someone is doing the same thing as you, just switch to another player and do the same thing. This is the beauty of the method. Secondly, you can start to BIN snipe with this player. Deduct 5% from the insta sell BIN and then decide how much profit you want to earn. For those who don't understand, an example is lets say Begovic is selling for 12k, after tax is 11.4k. If I want to earn 500 Fifa coins for every Begovic I get, I will then search for Begovic's BIN for 10.9k and try to buy every card that is under it. EA has started banning people for BIN sniping when they actually want to ban autobuyers. However, fellow redditor /u/profesercheese made a guide on how to best avoid getting banned by EA here. This guide does not mean you won't get banned 100% but it is helpful to avoid being banned.


The second method for the 5-15k price range is the mass bidding consumable player position method. Choose a position modifier card and search its insta sell BIN. Then, calculate tax and profit margin as always and then mass bid on the cards after you calculated how much profit you want. When I am writing this guide, the RM -> RW card is insta selling at 2.8k. After tax that is 2.66k coins. Therefore you can mass bid ~2.3-2.6k depending how much you want to earn on the cards. Then, just BIN them fro 2.8k and earn a lot of coins due to you mass bidding on the cards. This works with every position change card.

BIN Sniping. Simple, easy, efficient. How to BIN Snipe explained above so I will instead be suggesting players to BIN snipe and include their next gen price when I am writing this guide.
Blaise Matuidi - PS: 31,250 | XB: 25,000
Bastian Schweinsteiger - PS: 35,000 | XB: 47,000
Oscar - PS: 32,000 | XB: 30,500
Santi Cazorla - PS: 43,000 | XB: 42,000
IF Zouma - PS: 44,250 | XB: 40,000

You don't all have to use these players but I suggest them because they are in a popular league, are not THAT high rated = packed more often, and are well known and desirable players = people will buy your card.

Secondly, chemistry style cards. Search for players with a Hunter, Catalyst or Shadow chem card on them and flip. When searching for Hunter, make min bid 15k and max bid your budget. Search for a good player and look if they have any other card with Hunter on them. If they don't/the card you found is cheaper than the others, sell it for higher and earn profit. It is a simple way to earn coins. Always keep in mind EA tax.

Here are the search criteria for each them card:
Hunter - 15k min bid, budget max bid
Catalyst - 10K min bid, 45k/budget max bid
Shadow - 10k min bid 40k/budget max bid

You have it easy, Bin sniping and investing is the way to go. Both methods will just be players suggested and prices as there isn't much else to it.

BIN Sniping:
Yaya Toure - PS: 120,000 | XB: 105,000
Neymar - PS: 418,000 | XB: 371,000
Robert Lewandowski - PS: 110,000 | XB: 118,000
James Rodrigues - PS: 105,000 | XB: 87,000
Eden Hazard - PS: 322,000 | XB: 340,000

Investing is hard for some people. They don't have the patience. But patience pays off. Last year I invested in 5 SIF Iscos and they jumped from 60k to 120k each giving me a profit of 300k in a few weeks. If you see prices dropping you can either try to sell before others who panic sell so you don't lose profit, or you can hold on to the cards until they (might) rise again.

IF Zouma - PS: 44,250 | XB: 40,000
IF Higuain - PS: 105,000 |XB: 102,000
IF Martial - PS: 81,000 | XB: 87,000
Luis Suarez - PS: 400,000 | XB: 440,000
Zlatan Ibrahimovic - PS: 399,000 | XB: 409,000