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As fun as Ultimate team is I personally feel that it killed many other game modes from the FIFa franchise. Not because players don't like them but because EA wants to bottleneck players into FUT to generate as much money as possible.

I've been playing Fifa since FIFA 09 and i notice that the game modes you can play are dwindling away more and more each year, or they make less and less improvements to the main game modes like Career and Pro Clubs.
In FiFA 10 and 11 you could play 11 v 11 online team play with a good Fifa 16 account.

You could play online leagues in FIFA 09-11(I didn't play 12 and 13).
I feel the only reason for the game modes to be removed would be lack of popularity(OTP in 09-11 were always stacked with players and games were easily found) lack of resources(which is HIGHLY unlikely for EA) or they just want more dudes spilling out bits and chunks of dollars into ultimate team.
Anyone else agree? Disagree? Would you like to see more game modes or nah?


I don't think cutscenes are a necessity or a priority, but it would be pretty cool. There are much more important things though. They need to revamp the whole youth academy (and maybe the whole mode). Youth Academy generated players need to be more balanced. Stamina needs to grow for young players. Youth growth in the academy should be gradual. The May upgrades should not exist. If they keep May upgrades, you should be able to tell youth players to wait just one more month for promotion. Then there's fixture dates, homesickness, pre-contracts (cool but stupid), and much more that I'm probably forgetting.

I've already stopped playing Career Mode in favor of FUT. I'm actually having fun trading. It feels good to get a large amount of coins and spending them on a player that you think would fit in your team. The gameplay is obviously more arcadey and 'broken', but that keeps it different from Kick-Off mode. EA is very smart because I think I've fallen for FUT. Still haven't spent any money on Points or coins though.