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I don't really agree with OP's idea here. For starters, a couple surface level complaints: originally, everybody complained before that the market was so broken, and now everybody is complaining because EA tried to fix it. Secondly, of course EA are forcing you to buy FIFA points. They're a business, not a charity. Anyways, on to the more substantive stuff. The market this year is so fucked that outside of resetting every single fut account, there is honestly not much EA could do.

This is clearly an idea for the future, and I think it could actually work out quite well in FIFA 16. Next, unlike it appears to everybody on this sub, trading isn't impossible. It may be slightly more difficult, but the truth is that many people use a mass bidding strategy or something similar. These strategies net you around 500 coins profit per player at the most, and you can still easily make that much on many players. Just because every player has a price floor doesn't mean that's the value they will go for. Ultimately, it's way too early to judge this, but blindly going "OMG WTF EA" will just never help in any situation


Be real. New players were never going to afford Ronaldo/Messi in the first place without violating ToS or hitting the pack jackpot. Nothing has changed in that regard. Not a thing. People with lots of coins are getting outraged on behalf of people with no coins when it's the people with no coins who are affected the least.

You can play with Ronaldo anytime you want. Online seasons, Real Madrid. Or perhaps start a career with him. Play a friend, be Portugal. FUT should be about chance, packs, arcade fun style play, that's what makes it interesting and unique. Not buying a shit load of Fifa 16 coins and spending 15m on Ronaldo. Try a cheaper player. You might like them.

This sucks dick now people have to buy points in order to open packs. And people are defending this... wot? Coin sites made it cheaper and easier then ever to play with your favourite players instead of logging 200 hours into fifa in order to finally afford packs where they give you shitty players anyway. Ea should make packs worth every penny and lower the price of fifa points.