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To raise the coins in FIFA 16

A couple things I'd like to see if they seriously follow through on this:
-I think (that if EA really wanted us to play solely on coins from matches and Fifa points) they should not only raise the coins earned from matches, but provide a permanent consumables pack that goes for at least 1000 coins to help starter teams.

I also think that for tournaments, they should give you much more coins for winning, and at least 500 more coins for making it to the finals (in tournaments).

Of course, they could just reduce the price of Fifa points all together. But if people don't pay to win, then they rely on market trading and pack luck, something that EA obviously don't want you to have that much.


People who are creating starter teams are fucked, not to mention that Youtubers who sell coins are going to be fucked big time as well (don't really care, but it's true). The only ones who can really ride out of the ashes on this one are people who have established teams and a hefty amount of Fifa 16 coins right now.

I predict that either this years FUT or in next years FUT that EA will move the price range according to player demand.

For example if Suarez is 500k-800k, if he consistently sells at 800k EA will move the bracket to 700k-1m. That way the market prices will stable themselves out between consoles as some will rise more than others.

As soon as the web app is back coin sellers will just use bots and the 5K maximum on bronze cards to send players the coins they bought. It will be annoying but it will still happen.