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Get a player card in FIFA 16

Every player card can only be obtained once.

There is only one FIFA pack with all the different variation of cards ( Bronze Silver Gold ).

fut16coin know that probably isn't perfect, and im sure that idea needs some changing, but i would still buy the shit out of those FIFA points - and anyone who wanted to "P2W" would also. Sure they would probably lose money with the cap on how many players you can get - but if you played enough every player would be available to you - and there would be absolutely no coins sellers. They could probably, very easily, control how long it takes to get the good players by altering the packs somehow.


I just thought of this off the top of my head- so naturally i need someone to slide tackle me from behind and bring me back to reality while telling me how terrible this idea is =)

Edit: Spelling and - while they would lose money on endless pack buying, i think they would gain some by people not being able to use Fifa 16 coins sellers.

That version of UT was amazing btw. They really just didn't have a big selection of players for the WC did they? I feel like the normal UT database has MANY more players.

I guess my idea sucks if you are someone who pulls 3 Ronaldo's in a pack in normal UT