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I also have been jumping all over EA, for the couple days. If indeed this is what happens, then next year it might work out well. It doesn't change my feeling though, that this should not have been implemented, without warning, half way through this year.

So many people were affected negatively, yes many bought coins, but not all of them. Even if many of them bought coins, and EA, is not happy with them. I don't believe alienating them by what many seem to perceive as a sort of personal attack. I'm pretty sure EA couldn't afford to lose all the people who wants to buy Fifa 16 coins as customers. From the polls I've seen, it would be a very large amount of people. I think they should have rolled this entire system out for fifa 16, and continued banning coin sellers/buyers this year.

So what's your plan? Price one of the best players in the game at 100k? Good luck with that!


Want to have the best cards? Then be ready to pay top dollar for them. Yes, the current prices are ridiculous and top cards should become more obtainable, but we shouldn't jump from one extreme to another.
In the end it's never gonna change - be prepared to invest cash or spend a lot of time on this game if you truly NEED the best players to stay competitive.

1M is about 560 games worth of match coins conservatively, so not including trading you could realistically reach that point if you played about 10 games a week for the year. That doesnt sound crazy to me... Im basing my numbers off the assumption that you are a decent player hovering around division 3 getting the about 11k for the title plus 500 per game every 9 or 10 games, therefore averaging about 1750 coins per game played.

I really don't want to sound like this is some FUT dick measuring context but I have 776,000 match coins from 994 matches. Last night I talked to someone who has completed 81 seasons -- sorry I don't have is exact match total --and had 1.2 million match coins.
So maybe if he never had to spend money into his team and contracts didn't exist and he was still winning at the rate he was playing with his starting clubs.

Do you not play seasons? Your average match coins per game is very low. And if your friend has 81 seasons and 1.2m match coins after 81 seasons then he proved that my estimate is conservative because thats an even higher coins per game average than i used... so he easily could have Ronaldo if this was Fifa 16 and its only halfway through... you proved my point.