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The Counter Instructions of FIFA 16

What I would like to see implemented in FUT 16 is counter instructions. For every instruction you can give an attacker, you should be able to apply a counter instruction to your defenders.

For example:
If your opponent has their attackers as 'get in behind', you should be able to apply an instruction like 'track player runs'. So your defenders will track that run up until they run themselves offside.

If your opponent's wingers have 'cut inside' or 'come short' applied, you should be able to tell your full backs to 'track cut ins' and 'pressure wingers' respectively.


I think that's the balance that's missing in the instructions, it's common knowledge that games should always have counters to buy Fifa 16 coins. I think that's what is missing in FUT instructions and I believe it will go a long way in stopping gameplay 'glitches' or at least minimising them.

First can we get a 'Stick a leg out if the ball is right next to you instead of looking at it and letting the attacker through like you don't really give a damn' instruction? cause I think that's what I'd like to the see most.

Would be good if you set two formations (Attacking and defending) although it would probably be abused to the max like 424 on attack 532 defensive.
Theres alot they could do with instructions i.e football manager style.

I'd really like to see a more FM style set up for instructions and tactics. Also some contextual stuff, like if you are dominating a team your half backs will start overlapping more. Or selecting a fast striker automatically means they try to get in behind. More than those though, I would love to be able to choose to play with a sweeper keeper.