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FIFA 16: possible issues

I love how they always direct us to a a locked stickied thread for further updates that doesn't actually have any updates in it. (well ironicly there is an update about how they managed to mess up the google doc twice)
19 September is 17 days ago now, you're not gonna tell me there are no updates if they actually looked to solve the bug.
Not like we'll be happy to hear them. But you'd figure they would give us something at this point.

Edit: Besides why on earth are we not allowed to communicate about the bug whatsoever?
I thought the responses were surprisingly constructive.
Dont believe me here are a few examples:
- Lost of people with the exact same bug discription reported that EA-help (on both the phone and the chat) gave them multiple wrong "solutions" (from telling them they're banned, to telling it'll be solved within two days, telling them its a connection problem, telling them to reinstall,...)


- We managed to figure out that the bug most likely has something to do with buying/selling a lot of items on the web app/phone app
- People asked good questions that haven't been answered yet (Are we allowed to created new accounts and transfer stuff to the main account once this is sorted?,...)

Besides, people have good reason to complain about the problem. They're not able to play FUT at all for up to 17 days in a row because you guys messed up. Preventing them from doing that kinda seems weird to me.

Right time to try something constructive;
Do you guys remember what you were actually doing when you got your account locked?

Today i got my third account locked and with Fifa 16 coins xbox 360 while LISTING new items on the transfer market.
Do any of you guys recall what you were doing when it happened to you?