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From 5 years of ultimate team i can honestly say this could be the most false statement ever posted. players within the first few weeks always rise..

1. prices are low because there is limited coins and limited demand as no one can play yet
2. people get the game buy packs and get more coins
3. people are looking to buy teams and players
4. competition for players drives players prices up

short term he's wrong

if your talking long term, ultimately, he's right, prices generally head in one direction, which is down, apart from a few players who's prices MASSIVELY fluctuate during the season because of performances, most people head down after a couple weeks

and 5 years UT experience may be true... but the fact is coin sellers massively effected prices in UT13 + UT14, and UT 10, 11 + 12 are very much different to now, so that 5 years is worth more like 2 if the subject is UT prices lol


You tend to see so many 85 and under rated players go for so cheap because people are using Fifa coins to open packs instead of FP, and of-course, buying the bigger players up means their price rise, while the smaller player's get packed left right and centre... towards the end of UT13 and through most of UT14, there was no competition for smaller players, there were tons of them on the market

and by the looks of it, its going to happen in this UT aswell, naturally in the next week or so, some prices will go up and others with Fifa 16 coins pc, and in a few more weeks we'll know how serious EA have been about clamping down on coin sellers

i totally agree with you. high rated players and sick looking silvers and IF will be upping their price tag where high card weighted players will plummet down towards to the new years.