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FUT 16: fast central defenders

So we all know that Thiago Silva and Chiellini are examples of fast central defenders on the game - most gamers would spend their Fifa 16 coins to buy them, but many others you'd like to use just lack the pace to be effective in FUT.

As a Villa fan I'd love to be able to have Ron Vlaar in my FUT team. With 52 Pace though, he'll get burned by everyone except Toni and Pelle. It was interesting to see his race with the 87 Pace-rated Hazard on Saturday though.

It led me to the question of whether quite a few defenders are slower on the game than IRL and conversely attackers are rated faster than they should be. Any other obvious examples?

I can see what your saying and it is a fair point and perhaps a one off as fut16coin hasn't seen Ron Vlaar do this week in, week out.


For example I watch Colchester United every week Home and Away ( Away if I am not working or my Wife allows me to travel and have a few Beers ) and I have seen both Eastman and Okuonghae out pace some Quick and Super Quick Players in League One, but afterwards Okuonghae is Done for at least 20-30 Mins before he could do it again, Eastman on the other hand isn't so bad, maybe 10 Mins, but they wouldn't be able to do it all game.

Now our Fullback Dickson could he as an amazing engine on him.

Though I do feel some CB's are given Low Pace, when it isn't correct.

Yeah, they do seem to underrate a lot of centre back's pace. It was well publicised a couple of years ago that Kaboul was the fastest player at Spurs over 100 metres, as proven in a race they had in training. So his sprint speed should be up approaching 90, but they have it as 81 (still pretty fast to be fair, compared to other centre backs).

In a lot of cases, their sprint speed is high but their acceleration low, which brings 'pace' down on the card. Like Kompany's 73 pace, which is 76 sprint speed but 68 acceleration.