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Have more fun in FIFA 16

The game mode actually isn't about who is the best at FIFA. It's about having fun. That's it. It's extremely elitist to say that those who are better at FIFA should get more out of it. Everyone pays the same $60. Current reward differences should stay the same, but the returns for everyone should be increased. We should be able to open packs more often.

Get a job and open more packs then. Until now onlt coinbuyers and some traders were able to get the better players and i don't see how to get FIFA 16 Coins XBOX 360. The more you win the better rewards you get, thats how it should be. If you're shit buy fifa points.

Others have fun in taking the challenge of winning the higher divisions and taking their reward for it, whats your fucking point ? You are shit and want more free packs ? Thats not going to happen, they are there to buy exactly for people like you.


I'm not sure if there is a way to make the game perfect. Too many people play it and that means that there are too many opinions floating around. No way to please everyone. Also, who knows if EA cares enough. I've gotten the impression that as long as they have the licenses they could put out dog shit and still have everyone buy it.

The lower division rewards aren't much different than they are now. There are a LOT more people in the lower divisions who'll never even sniff D1 promotion than there are people actively vying for - let alone who'll ever win - a D1 title. Not winning the higher division titles isn't due to people not playing enough or trying hard enough, they're (we're) just not good enough. I know because I'm one of them. I play primarily in D4, sometimes D3, sometimes D5.

Definitely agree with enhanced coin bonuses for winning leagues. Most of the coin bonuses are based on FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE buying/selling issues. Once the market was totally spun out of control then it became more and more apparent that just playing FIFA causes you to fall further and further behind the 8 ball. Winning D1 pretty much gets you a pretty poor amount for what is a pretty significant achievement.