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How to improve FIFA 16 career mode

The worst part about improving career mode is that anyone who plays career mode probably has dozens of ideas to make it better that just seem so obvious. It doesn't even have to be major improvements, just make sure the youth academy and player growth functions properly, improve transfers and scouting networks (because that's a joke), and please, fix those embarrassing media stories. Also, adding international management was probably a good idea at heart, but it was so poorly executed it's just a nuisance. At least give me the option to turn it off so I don't keep getting asked to be India's coach 3 times a season, and the media speculates "Mr. Manager is in advanced talks with the India National team." No, I most certainly am not. I've turned them down 3 times. At least give me a REASON to want to manage an international team besides the novelty of it.

I remember thinking it was novel at first. It seemed like a nifty realistic step in my player's development to be loaned out. However, getting loaned thrice was my breaking point.

I decided to spite Wenger and force a move when I returned a la Fabregas. Left with Rosicky to West Ham and won the league and Europa. I embarassed Arsenal each time we played them and even did the Henry celebration in front of their supporters.

Get rid of that global transfer thing they introduced in 14, imo its pointless. Two: change it back to how at the end of each season you can either chose to remain at the club you are at or accept one of the contracts offered by another club, compared to now how you have to apply for jobs in a different section.


Am I the only one who misses the old growth system? Where players earned exp points for playing, playing well, making the bench, sub apperances, etc. And then you got to spend the exp on the stats you liked?

I really loved that and wish they would bring it back. I know you could get Kuyt to like a 106 lb and Rooney to a 109 rb, but who cares the Fifa 16 news. It was fun and made me feel more connected. It also put me in much closer touch with having the knowledge of who can do what on my team and where certain players need to improve.

I reckon for a true manager experience we also need to be able to watch the games without having to actually play them (like you can in Kickoff mode). If I've set up my team's tactics, formations and strategy I don't want to have to control them myself, I'd rather see how they play on their own so I can make adjustments as required. Far more immersive and it would take absolutely nothing to add it in.