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FIFA 16 Women's Team

I'm going to go out on a limb and say they have multiple teams working on this game. The team responsible for adding the women's teams probably have nothing to do with the team responsible for gameplay. Also, sales are saturated. Everyone who loves soccer is already buying this game every year, there is no market to expand to except women. Probably the last growth market this game has. This move makes sense both morally in terms of equality and economically in sales.

So putting female teams into the game is a waste of time and money? Are you funding EA? Do you think they have some reason to be concerned about Fifa 16 coins the literal best selling videogame series of all time? I really, really don't think this particular move is about money, it's about appealing to female fans and encouraging them to join in because so few do.


Its EA, its definitely going to be about money. We know this from all the times EA dicks everyone over.

People who play Fifa will be getting the next one regardless, why? because they like the Franchise and want to play with their friends who play it.

So, to increase sales, EA have tapped into a different market. If they do not see sales increase at a rate where the cost of production is outweighed, then the venture was pointless, and that the next time, they can focus on issues that people want fixed, i.e. Career mode. This is basic business.

If I am going to make a prediction, fut16coin thinks that it will do very little to sales, especially in getting women more involved. People will still pour money in to buy the best players I.e. Ronaldo and Messi and will only really transfer and create woman teams to complete challenges.