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How to find top players in FIFA 16 Career Mode

For example, I'm in the 9th season which means most of the top players I'm familiar with either super old or cheap Fifa 16 coins. And the some of the best players are regens/fictional. If I want to buy world class player where can I look to find them?

If you know the position you want, then you can make a list of the top few teams in each top league (Bundesliga, Premiership, etc.), then use the search function to search all players the team has at that position. Then, make inquiries to get a rough idea of their values and scout the ones with the highest values.

It puzzles me how people hate this, having to search for players and scout them makes it better. On the old system, I found it a bit boring just pressing search and signing the top players on the list by rating. Surely having to scout them adds more enjoyment, and provides longevity to the game. Also, sometimes you can judge a player wrong with the Fifa 16 news system and regret the signing, this happens in real life and makes it realistic for me. Like in my first season with Cardiff, I spent £3 million on an Argentinian striker, he played 4 games was shockingly bad. Sold him in the January for £750k, big loss, but it happens.


However, I do agree that there should be the option to turn it off and just see OVRs if that's what you prefer. I also agree that something should be done about low-rated scouts being essentially useless if you scout via instructions (manual scouting or scouting via 'one for the future' stories still works fine, but the former is IMHO too clunky to be fun).

Sometimes though fut16coin start a career and forgot about one or two of them and regret it. Bakkali is my favourite of the lot though, quality winger. Already rated 81 for my Cardiff side in my 3rd season.