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How will Price Range Affect the FIFA 16

This game sucks so much now since price ranges were added.

players like delph and ronaldos MOTM cards are non existent unless you spam search for ages.

Every week there will be at least one IF priced wrong who will be the same as delph abd ronaldo.

There will be no more market crashes during TOTS and TOTY.

Players don't even sell because there already at there minimums so you can undercut for quick sales either.

EAs price range and opinion of a players price will never be the same as moat gamera, all low rated IFs will be under priced and impossible to find.


If there price range ia too low, 99% of TOTS and TOTY cards will be impossible to find.

No more investing to make coins.

I'm sure there is way more reasons then I've listed too. If this price range stays on fifa 16 it will be the first time I don't buy fifa for 16 years!

they would be better off removing coins from the game mode all together then this *, just make it so all players can be traded with any random for up to another 10 players so it would be straight swaps for players we desire and no economy at all!

If not the other thing to do would be to perma IP ban all the coin sellers. Yes they ban buyers but everytime they ban a buyer they also have the info of the seller and do nothing with your Fifa 16 coins? All video games have the rule you can't sell in-game currency but no percific rules you can't buy them. this is the first one I've ever came across that goes out of their way to ban the buyers but not the sellers!

I spend so much on fifa points every year but what's the point if the players you get won't actually sell and the players you want aren't on the market?