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To be a coins seller in FIFA 16

Coin sellers/buyers inflated the price for the top 1% of cards but made the other 99% way cheaper. Think of the millions of extra packs that got opened releasing more players into the market that would not have been opened if they couldn't buy Fifa 16 coins. I've played FUT since FIFA 11 and yea the top players were cheaper back then but the regular players were also more expensive than they are now.

If you start out with a ST worth 1000 coins, play a bit and you can gradually upgrade as you go along. First a 5k striker, then a 10k, etc. There is an actual gradual progression. The way it is now, there is no middle ground. Cards are either near discard price, or insanely expensive. Let's look at LWs in La Liga. Every single NIF left sided player is discard value, except for Neymar and Ronaldo, who are unaffordable for the vast majority of fifa players. If you're making a BBVA team, you have nowhere to go. You can get the third best LW in the league, but you need to play 1000 games if you want to get the second best.

One of the problems with silvers was that there are less on the market so people choose them for price fixing. Virtually all good MLS and Irish Silvers were also being price fixed before the update. There were like 30 Chermiti's with Bins of 60k when I went on after the update. His lowest BIN was normally around 35k since IF Chik came out but if you got rid of all of the price fixed ones his price would probably have been closer or lower than the 11k max there is now.

Stop ranting already. This game is a football playing game not a fucking Football Cards Economy Simulator. This doesn't mean i want better rewards too but this is fine and you can't even play it right now the servers are in maintenance. Decide after you play please.

How do you get to a giant, money hungry company like EA? Your wallet, your social media, and your controller. If you are really against this, you need to stop playing FIFA. Just stop. EA doesn't give a shit if you don't like their FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins. As long as you keep playing, they keep making money. Play something else! If you really want to get the ball rolling, share with people that you're boycotting FIFA, and why. One person quitting won't make a difference. Spam EA with tweets, and messages. We need to get fucking loud, so EA can't act like they don't hear us.

I honestly don't see if harder to make profit the way that I did it (lots of sales with small to mid profit via mass bidding). I am hopeful that this will give those of us that don't shell out coin a better shot at competing because prices aren't inflated by the users that have bought coin.