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To be a superman in FIFA 16

It somewhat reminds me of Hearthstone (which also has a lot of randomness in it) but the best players play so that the chances of something not going your way are minimized, the same could be said for FIFA where you have to play slow and not try to LB+Y to your striker as soon as you're in possession

I just gave an example of me having 15 shots on target all over the goal with their keeper playing like superman and saving Fifa 16 coins ios, then the other team hits it straight at my keepers chest weakly and scores. How do You expect me to minimise the chance of that happening?

And it's not like that's a rare occasion of bad luck. Happens to me ALL the time. Happens to some youtubers (like spencer fc) all the time. Happens to people complaining on reddit all the time.

I don't think scripting exists in the way that one team is decided before the game and that team will win no matter what. But it does feel like a lot of the time, waaaaaaay too often for it to be "random", the game just picks one team to fuck over in every way possible, making it much harder to win


Saying that those 15 shots never go in all because of scripting is purely shoving the blame on the game. Try watching replays of those shots, maybe you shot too quick/wrong corner etc, most of the time there is a mistake made by you that puts you in a difficult position, where a random moment is critical. I've started looking at my own mistakes and have noticed a big difference with the amount of BS goals I concede

Keepers in UT are overpowered, so that the only shots that get in are tap ins from 5 meters or less, or ocassionaly long shots from 20+ meters. Stop trying to shoot from anywhere between that as the keeper will fly and get it. Also use this to your advantage and let people take these shots.

There is no scripting, bullshit goals WILL happen where you can't do anything, but most of the ones that you don't score/concede are your fault for various reasons. My advice to you is, after each game to ask yourself what Exactly went wrong and how can you avoid making it happen again. Keep in mind that sometimes the opposition will just outplay you.

It's scripting and it doesn't reward a player for playing more and getting better. What does it matter when the game randomly decides your players will perform or not. It's Fut 16 coins toss at the start of every game and it's pretty disgusting.