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FIFA 16: intelligent transfer system

A vaguely realistic transfer system would go a long way towards improving both flavours of career mode tenfold. As an example, I am currently in the middle of a player career, playing for Stoke, playing as a central midfielder. At the start of the game, Stoke have two right wingers on loan. In the second season, these two are now gone and the only right wingers remaining are in their early thirties and deteriorating rapidly. In real life, those loans might be made permanent, or new right wingers would be bought in during the close season, but this just hasn't happened.

In my first season as a pro, I was loaned out to Sheffield Wednesday. I got them promoted and they then didn't sign a single player to help them stay up. Consequently, they are easily the lowest rated team in the division. Again, that wouldn't happen in real life. It would just be nice to have a vaguely intelligent transfer system, where team managers identify their weaknesses and buy new players to fit the system.

Still, in FIFA 12 I played against Tottenham in career mode and they had Gareth Bale playing in goal because their goalkeepers were all injured. Not strictly relevant, but I've never been able to bring that up before.


This is very much an annoying bug. fut16coin remember thinking it was novel at first. It seemed like a nifty realistic step in my player's development to be loaned out. However, getting loaned thrice was my breaking point.
I decided to spite Wenger and force a move when I returned a la Fabregas. Left with Rosicky to West Ham and won the league and Europa. I embarassed Arsenal each time we played them and even did the Henry celebration in front of their supporters.

Two things i would like to change - One: get rid of that global transfer thing they introduced in 14, imo its pointless. Two: change it back to how at the end of each season you can either chose to remain at the club you are at or accept one of the contracts offered by another club, compared to now how you have to apply for jobs in a different section. They might not seem much to some of you guys to personally i preferred it how i mentioned.

Where players earned exp points for playing, playing well, making the bench, sub apperances, etc. And then you got to spend the exp on the stats you liked? I really loved that and wish they would to buy Fifa 16 coins. I know you could get Kuyt to like a 106 lb and Rooney to a 109 rb, but who cares. It was fun and made me feel more connected. It also put me in much closer touch with having the knowledge of who can do what on my team and where certain players need to improve.