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FIFA 16 US Cover: Alex Morgan to Join Lionel Messi

That's probably the case but it's dumb that it is. Messi is in no way the most attractive male footballer out there but he's fine to be on the cover.. oh well. I'm just happy they have women's teams finally.

Edit: Alex Morgan also rocks and it's awesome she's on the cover regardless. I hope I didn't come across like I was punishing her for being attractive and saying she didn't deserve it? That'd be silly. It's great to see this cover.

Exactly and that's the problem. Here's another example: movies, television... even with loads of guys who are in good shape, they're typically not as pressured to be attractive while the female costar typically is.
E.g. If Nathan Fillion is asked to star in something, so long as it's not a superhero film that involves him being super in shape to look the part, he would more or less be good to go despite being a little chubby. His female costar? Probably wouldn't have the same luxury. That's just an example, I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule as well.


You were probably downvoted because anything even resembling talk about discrimination is usually hit with a barrage of "LOL GO BACK 2 THE KITCHEN FEMINAZI". You are right, though. Even look at the majority of big budget tv shows/movies. Most of the roles with significant depth are given to male actors, though it's definitely better than it was. A lot of it still seems like a man's club though. In this case I'd say they chose Alex Morgan because she's comfortably the most marketable (though that's obviously significantly due to the fact that she's really beautiful). But like you said, at least there's a woman on the cover, it's a step in the right direction!

Oh I know. I don't let downvotes stop me from expressing my thoughts. Any of the players from the USWNT would have made me happy to see on the cover from Morgan to Lloyd to Rapinoe to Wambach so it's cool.
This E3 has been a nice step with FUT16coin Mobille: Dishonored II heavily advertised the female character instead of the playable male character, Rise of the Tomb Raider, ReCore, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fifa 16, Mirror's Edge, etc. It was actually pretty cool seeing more females advertised and either female-led games or just more games with two protagonists. Plus there were various games like Fallout 4 which may have opted to run through the demo with a guy but made sure everyone knew you could play as the wife instead, up to you because of course it's a Bethesda game after all.

On a side note, am I the only one who's noticed that you see Morgan all over the place these days? Commercials, candy bar wrappers, now a video game cover. She's kind of pulling a Russel Wilson. When he was under that hilariously cheap rookie contract he was on every other commercial during games, making up for the fact that he was making chump change for an elite NFL QB. I'd imagine this has to be the same situation with Morgan, there's no way professional women footballer is a high paying carreer so she has to sell her image all over the place while its hot.