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The code and assets of FIFA 16

For those wondering why more Madden stadiums aren't in FIFA - you're mixing two things. Here's licensing 101 in the game industry:
What you're saying is the same as "Activision make Call of Duty and Skylanders - why won't they let me play with my Skylanders characters in CoD?? LAZY Activision"

Maybe that example is extreme but you have to recognize that the FIFA and Madden video games are made for two different customers. The NFL pays for Madden; FIFA pays for Fifa coins. The NFL paid EA money to create CenturyLink Field. That model and everything associated with it in the game (textures, crowd models, camera nodes, sounds, etc) are IP. That IP is owned by the NFL - not EA. EA is just the developer, they do not own the stadium.

The same is true for Revs. They can't just take work that was created for one customer (NFL) on their dime and reuse that IP for another customer. They would need to establish a new deal to create a new model - or license the model from the NFL for use in another game.

I can't say for sure 100% all that go into these decisions. But fut16coin can promise you that it's not as simple as people think it is. EA is not the IP holder of those assets. They are just the developer. There's no way the NFL is going to let another company "own" anything related to the NFL. EA is compensated handsomely for the development (I'm sure this includes royalties) of each game but they don't get to own the code and assets. The customers (NFL, FIFA) own that.


FIFA has been so weak for so long... they just put zero love into the game because everyone just gives them money from Ultimate Team.. which is a crappy game mode.

I'm playing manager mode as Fulham right now and they don't even have Craven Cottage as a stadium... so many holes in the game. It's obvious that the interns they have coding this crap don't even play it.

They did go ahead and add all of the Premier League stadiums in 15 which was a pretty big coup. Obviously Fulham are a bit removed from the PL now and don't look likely to get back any time soon.

Not sure if they'll remove the relegated teams' stadiums or just add in the new ones on top of what was there last year or what.

I really hope they take me in because I'd love to actually be in the office to see how FIFA developers talk about the game. There's so much disparity between the developers and the actual playing community, I'm interested to see how that'll go.