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FIFA 16: collection coins

Everyone loves playing games and it's the main reason we play FUT. However there's needs to be more rewards around the potential player collecting aspect of the game.

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but why don't EA introduce coin bonuses for collecting a certain amount of players from a team or nation.
For example you get a 20k coin bonus for collecting all the Newcastle players, and the bonuses get bigger for the amount of amount of stars the team has in head to head (so for example 70k for all the Barcelona players and 10k for all the Leeds players), or you could even give special cards out instead of Fut 16 coins.

There also could have a team performance of the week, and if you collect all of the starting 11 from that team in the week you get 100k or a special card.
This would give people incentives to open packs (positive for EA) but also allow people new ways to earn Fifa 16 coins (positive for consumer), and add extra depth to the mode, as we know people love collecting things and building up their clubs.


I've seen people mention you should get rewards or badges if you win Division 1, well you could also get a top collector badge (once certain criteria is met) which would show next to your team names.
What do you guys think?

it's been suggested about a million times, and it's mostly an issue with licenses from what I understand. I'm sure the FUT guys have thought of it but due to sticker books and collections already existing, FUT can't duplicate this.
Chuboi even said on here last week they cannot legally use the term "in packs" because of legal reasons. So yea this is probably why they can't make collections like this.

I love the idea of a special player, like a bpl legend if you get every bpl player same for all leagues or a new like purple card of an upgraded liverpool captain for getting all liverpool players. the special cards sounds better than the cash tbh, even if they are not tradeable