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FIFA 16: packs are both random and expensive

I dunno about you, but I'd rather get like two 83ish rated players (maybe lower depending on which ones) for $5-7 a piece than spend $10 on FIFA Points to open 7 packs that will give me a bunch of club accessories, consumables, and like 3-4 players a pack who will probably all be straight ass. I'd take the two for $10-14 deal hundreds of times over, I'd be bankrupted. People are much more willing to pay for stuff when it either isn't random, isn't expensive or comes with Fifa 16 coins ps4. Packs are both random and expensive, and come with guarantees ruined by your actual odds. This works in many other games, there is literally no reason it could not work here.

Only if EA chose to only sell the players directly for Fifa coins. They could just as easily sell players for FIFA Points as they do packs. TBH, given card weights being abysmal and all, it'd probably be a wayyyy better revenue stream for EA. I damn sure wouldn't feel empty inside after spending FIFA Points I can tell you that much.

It would be a douche move by EA, but they could make it so it costs 100 Fifa Points + the max coins to buy the player directly from EA. This kind of screws over the people without credit cards, but players still wouldn't be extinct because people would force over the money to have the player and hoarders would still be forced to sell their investments, which allows the non credit card people to pick up those cards between the min and max price bands.


Nah, one or the other. Both is abusive, say more like 115% of max BIN in coins or some set amount of FIFA Points. If the coin glitching comes to a stop price bands wouldn't even be necessary any longer, economy would sort itself out with players tied to a specific dollar amount.

As above, they never would. Being able to buy players, even with a penalty, would remove the need for packs for a huge majority. If I could have bought players instead of packs back when I spent £30,000 on FIFA points between FIFA 13 and FIFA 15, trust me, I would have done. I assure you, I wouldn't have spend 1/10th the amount and would have had far more for my money. It's not financially beneficial for EA to sell players directly, ever.

But the thing is you could buy players for Fifa 16 coins, from other players. Before price bands the only extinct players where the elite of the elite (toty Ronaldo).
If EA only cared about getting people buy fifa points, they would just make all the price bands ridiculously high. They want Ronaldo to be 9-10 million so that there is no way you can him unless you are an elite trader or you open packs. They also need to consider how large their player base is. Getting people turned away from FIFA especially future editions of FIFA will be more damaging.