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FIFA 16: Most Valuable Players

Lets say you packed Ronaldo in 16. You see his max price as 650k. Why would you even sell him? You've packed the best player in the game. There would be no incentive for you to sell. And considering how the only way to get him is through Packs, he would be extremely rare in the market, thus making him even harder to get through coins even if you have the amount.

You have a cognitive bias that basically says "well, Ronaldo is 650k, that's like 3 SIF De Bruyne's" but, I'm guessing that in FIFA 16, a SIF De Bruyne will be worth around 50-70k. The point is lowering the worth of all players to make Ronaldo still comparatively more expensive. It all depends on how much the other players are worth. If Ronaldo is 650k, it means that 1 coin is worth much more than it is today. Get it?


A) They do, since people are lazy, EA makes shitloads in FIFA points for a reason. People will keep opening packs and getting those Ronaldos.
B) No. It wouldn't. Since, not a lot of people would have 650k to throw around with no coin sellers around. Getting to 650k on match coins with no trading (as most people would sans coin sellers) would take around 65 Div 5-1 seasons to achieve - and that is with a constant discard price rest squad to avoid spending too many coins on contracts. It's doable, obviously, 650 FIFA games is 2 months work for people with a lot of Fifa 16 coins xbox one, but it would take patience and restraint to amass that fortune and not blow it on packs.

Why would supply be low? If player prices are lower, more people will be willing to open packs with coins. There will actually be "disposable coin income" if there is little to no inflation, so there will be more TOTW/high rated players available in the market.

why would i open packs if i have limited budget if even if i score a great player like ronaldo he's only 650k? I'd rather just save up for him and buy him from the market

The ultimate aim of EA's recent changes is to divert people from using coins to open packs to using Fifa Points. The only way they can do that is by reducing people's incentive to open packs with cheap Fifa 16 coins. EA does not make money when people use coins to open packs, Fifa Points is their bread and butter.