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FIFA 16: Gareth Bale

Now to the most expensive player of all time, gareth bale. Last year he was very disappointing and didn't live up to his stats. But with his position change this year is he a different player?

Pace- Lightning fast. Top sprint speed matches anyone in the game. Acceleration is great as well as he blows past defenders with his first step. I've used bolly and I couldn't tell you which one is faster. 10/10
Shot- Inside and outside the box that left foot is magic. Finesse shots are incredible and one of the best I've used this year. All you have to do is cut in and finesse it and it should hit the top corner almost every time. Inside the box he's a great finisher and with the "avoids weaker foot" trait he always tries to takes it with his dangerous left foot.

Also his free kicks are fantastic. He places them wherever you want it and generates a lot of power. 9.5/10
Dribbling- His agility got an upgrade from last year which is good because he felt like trying to turn a tow truck in fifa 14. But he's still not the most agile player with the ball at his feet. His ball control is top notch along with his 4* skills. His balance can be annoying at times being only 65. 8.6/10
Passing- Very good for a winger. Crossing is superb despite his 3* weakfoot. Short passing is great and he switches the ball perfectly. 8.7/10

Defending- Should use him at RW/RF
Physical- Feels very strong for a winger. He should outmuscle just about any LB in the game. Aggression is pretty good as well as he wins the ball back very quickly. He's pretty tall (6'0) but with 67 jumping he doesn't win you a lot of headers. 8/10

Something fut16coin missed- I highly suggest using the 4-3-2-1 formation and playing him at RF. He's better if you play him a little more central.

Overall- Bale takes the crown from robben as the best rw in the game. He's one of the best players I've used so far. A complete winger with the pace of robben, and the shot of hulk. A few flaws but overall you can't find many better players in fifa 15. 9.6/10


Is he worth it- If you happen to have 600k laying around try him out. He's a very special player.

Preferred chemistry style- Sniper
Current top 5-
Reus (9.7)
Zlatan, Bale (9.6)
Aguero, Robben (9.5)
Lewandowski (9.3)
Neymar, IF Lacazette (9.2)

Nice review! I think once you get to those absurd prices, players need to feel one of a kind to justify it. While Bale is awesome, I don't think he will be worth the 500-600k his price tag currently commands.
Looking forward to the IF Auba review!

He's been an absolute monster in both of the teams I've put him in. I got him on loan and he out scored the entire team so I knew I had to buy him. Although Aguero ended up out scoring him, he was right behind him and also assisted the rest of the team a ton. He also gets his head to the ball pretty well. He is very deceiving with that pace and you can pace abuse with him as well as anybody.

I have had both Robben and Bale in the striker role in a 442 team and both are amazing but i agree Bale is by far better. Bale can bumble his way past people when Robben can not and he just feels much better to use overall.

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