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How I'm starting fifa 16

I've bought fifa points for hundreds of euros/pounds this year to keep up with escalating player prices but for next year I'm very excited, I'll buy like 20 euros worth of points and just gradually improve from seasons which I think will be very enjoyable because of price ranges. How are you planning to play fut 16?

you're probably going to be disappointed. i had around 13m during toty without buying coins. my squad was worth about double at its peak but i enjoy it too much to have sold it.
that said, i think i was nowhere near a million in the first month.


it will be slower, obvious but i think if you are smart enough and find a few cards with quite good profit ur good till your method is exposed and you need to search another one.At the beginning of fifa 15 I traded AC Milan kits, I bought them for 150-250 and sold them for around 500, not best profit but fast and without risk and i made about 150k from it in 1 month or so AND with very little effort.

I never buy points or Fifa coins, so I trade a little bronze packing method and then flip some silvers and just slowly build my squads as always.
I found I could make 2-3k a day just bronze packing with 100 items listed and refresh every hour or 2 via companion app. Since they removed it, I can only trade in the evening in between the 3-4 games I play per day so trading is busted for me.