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What's your plan about FIFA 16

For all of you holding on to cards that you plan on selling sometime within the next month from today especially if they are NIF cards. Now is the time to sell. If you have that super inflated IF card that you were holding on to because the potential of an UP. Well ask your self this. If he doesn't get an up, can I afford to lose the coinage if & when he drops? If your answer is no then now is the time to sell. For all other IF's just plant to hold for at least a month. Remember a few following things that will be happening in the next week or tow:

* This weekend its the FUT UNITED TOURNEY & Big Packs
* People are still buying lots of coins and seem to buy even more during big pack opening weeks.
* Next weekend the UPGRADES ARE RELEASED, I can Only imagine they will have some type of promotional packs available.


I agree that player prices will dip, but there's nothing between now and TOTS so prices will rebound and probably get worse.

Doesn't matter if prices dip a couple times between now and tots, they will go right back up and hit even higher heights before TOTS due to coin buying, and Fut 16 coins are getting cheaper by the day. Selling now, and timing it just right, might net you some profit maybe, but way too unpredictable for me for too little potential gain. I'll hold until just before TOTS.

Also, the sad thing is that I could make a couple million coins by trying to take advantage of the market but most players that would be an upgrade for me team are either off the market or cost upwards of 5 million coins so it's almost pointless trading