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Many explanations for FIFA 16 isuess

Just like you could come up with many explanations for what you are experiencing and misconstruing as a "handicap". Don't forget I used to defend this position. And to an extent sometimes I find myself thinking it's there. But then logic takes over.

The evidence for handicap from different people who describe it is often self contradicting. People will say "it helps to have a low rated player" others will say "it helps to have a high rated player" etc etc.

Think about it this way. What is more likely. EA actually implemented a system like this and found a way to keep their 100k Fifa 16 coins of employees in check somehow (not leaking this valuable information). Not to mention somehow testing different combinations to find which handicap produces the best pack purchases. Because you may very well create less demand for better cards by leveling out the competition.


They would have to do some intensive testing. Which again requires more employees which again is more people they would have to somehow silence. OR In reality what you perceive as "handicap" is simply parts of code that you don't understand. There is tons of behavior for the AI that we simply don't get. Because we didn't program it. It works well with your examination. Think about it.

That's because the only way you could have concrete evidence is to look at the source code of the game, which we will never get to see.

All we have to go by is experiential evidence which, according to countless players, points to the fact that the game is not really fully in our control.
Some people are good enough to overcome it (ie hectic_jukez with his insane record) so its not really an issue for them. Or, some people just don't care about the game enough or play enough to buy Fifa 16 coins when this stuff happens in game -- I assume those are a lot the people who are adamant that it doesn't exist.

How to improve FIFA 16 career mode

The worst part about improving career mode is that anyone who plays career mode probably has dozens of ideas to make it better that just seem so obvious. It doesn't even have to be major improvements, just make sure the youth academy and player growth functions properly, improve transfers and scouting networks (because that's a joke), and please, fix those embarrassing media stories. Also, adding international management was probably a good idea at heart, but it was so poorly executed it's just a nuisance. At least give me the option to turn it off so I don't keep getting asked to be India's coach 3 times a season, and the media speculates "Mr. Manager is in advanced talks with the India National team." No, I most certainly am not. I've turned them down 3 times. At least give me a REASON to want to manage an international team besides the novelty of it.

I remember thinking it was novel at first. It seemed like a nifty realistic step in my player's development to be loaned out. However, getting loaned thrice was my breaking point.

I decided to spite Wenger and force a move when I returned a la Fabregas. Left with Rosicky to West Ham and won the league and Europa. I embarassed Arsenal each time we played them and even did the Henry celebration in front of their supporters.

Get rid of that global transfer thing they introduced in 14, imo its pointless. Two: change it back to how at the end of each season you can either chose to remain at the club you are at or accept one of the contracts offered by another club, compared to now how you have to apply for jobs in a different section.


Am I the only one who misses the old growth system? Where players earned exp points for playing, playing well, making the bench, sub apperances, etc. And then you got to spend the exp on the stats you liked?

I really loved that and wish they would bring it back. I know you could get Kuyt to like a 106 lb and Rooney to a 109 rb, but who cares the Fifa 16 news. It was fun and made me feel more connected. It also put me in much closer touch with having the knowledge of who can do what on my team and where certain players need to improve.

I reckon for a true manager experience we also need to be able to watch the games without having to actually play them (like you can in Kickoff mode). If I've set up my team's tactics, formations and strategy I don't want to have to control them myself, I'd rather see how they play on their own so I can make adjustments as required. Far more immersive and it would take absolutely nothing to add it in.

How Can EA Ruins FIFA 16 Coins Selling

Coin selling requires the ability to find a specific card on the market. There are 4 possible steps in order to make the market as obscure as possible.

Step 1: remove club names from cards on the transfer market. this is suggested a lot but people always mention that you could list a card for an obscure price and find that. so for the next steps

Step 2: Whenever someone lists a card worth more then 10X worth it's lowest BIN, EA lists a dummy card for the same price. If EA could do this, coin selling would be DONE, and step 3 and 4 would be unneeded. If EA can't do this, then they can do steps 3 and 4. Edit: Upon further thought, EA should just no allow listings for players 10X over the lowest BIN.


Step 3: make it so you can only bid with numbers that have 2 significant figures, and the last digit must be 0 or 5. so you could bid at 900, 950, 9000, 9500, 50000, 55000, ect. This would make it harder to list cards at obscure numbers. If that isn't enough, make it so you can only bid to 1 significant figure. "But wait, this ruins trading!" you know what ruins trading? coin selling.

Step 4: Cap non rare bronze cards at 10k, non rare silvers at 15k, and non rare golds at 20k. Cap rare bronze cards at 50k, rare silvers at 100k, and rare golds at 15 million. if people have to list rare gold cards to buy Fifa 16 coins, It means their cards are more likely to overlap with other people listing rare gold cards at weird prices, and there are plenty of weirdos doing this already.

FIFA 16 Women's Team

I'm going to go out on a limb and say they have multiple teams working on this game. The team responsible for adding the women's teams probably have nothing to do with the team responsible for gameplay. Also, sales are saturated. Everyone who loves soccer is already buying this game every year, there is no market to expand to except women. Probably the last growth market this game has. This move makes sense both morally in terms of equality and economically in sales.

So putting female teams into the game is a waste of time and money? Are you funding EA? Do you think they have some reason to be concerned about Fifa 16 coins the literal best selling videogame series of all time? I really, really don't think this particular move is about money, it's about appealing to female fans and encouraging them to join in because so few do.


Its EA, its definitely going to be about money. We know this from all the times EA dicks everyone over.

People who play Fifa will be getting the next one regardless, why? because they like the Franchise and want to play with their friends who play it.

So, to increase sales, EA have tapped into a different market. If they do not see sales increase at a rate where the cost of production is outweighed, then the venture was pointless, and that the next time, they can focus on issues that people want fixed, i.e. Career mode. This is basic business.

If I am going to make a prediction, fut16coin thinks that it will do very little to sales, especially in getting women more involved. People will still pour money in to buy the best players I.e. Ronaldo and Messi and will only really transfer and create woman teams to complete challenges.

FIFA 16: A Real Treat This Year

Even when PES was at its peak, it never outsold FIFA. Its fan base will always be small compared to FIFA as it is not for casual players. There is a learning curve involved and it isn't exactly pick-up-and-play. That being said, even during it;s worst sales period it sold 4 million units, which is not a small number. And more sales doesn't mean its a better game.

It was, at one point, the top dog in football simulations. They were so good that they didn't feel it needed to buy Fifa 16 coins. FIFA then changed their approach to the game, making it easier for the casual gamer to pick up, so it became wildly popular. Change is always the name of the game which is why a lot of people are getting fed up with FIFA currently. Just my two cents

I've spent at least 10 hours sniping players in FIFA since price ranges have been introduced so if I spend 10 hours modifying PES names to make it better then I will. I know this is a FIFA subreddit so of course people are going to be biased and will probably be downvoted.


On PC you just run patches made by the community which edit your game files. On X360/PS3, you just download a few files made by the community and put them on your usb pendrive and move them on the console. On X1/PS4 you can't do that but in PES16 for PS4 you'll be able to import images from a pendrive and use them ingame, making the process harder but you will still be able to play with all licenses.

For me the reason i buy Fifa is mostly for the online 1 v 1 gameplay. I have heard horror stories about having even worse servers and shitty connections on PES online. Me and my roommate used to go super in depth on Winning Eleven adn create our own team, own kits and build up our team throughout the years. but that was offline, and once online became more popular and fun for me i switched back to Fifa.

The only "bad" thing is MyClub, which is honestly not as good as FUT but has a few cheap Fifa 16 coins (when playing offline you just play against someone else's squad controlled by the game, you can play real time competitions where you qualify for a tournament if you are among the best 16 out of 3 matches, player chemistry becomes better the more you play, you can let the game control your squad in simulated matches)

FIFA 16 Gameplay Improvements

This is one of my biggest problems with FIFA...the game is talked about as if it's a fucking MMO or something and it's balanced the same way.

This is why there is so little tangible variance in the abilities of the players when we look beyond physical attributes and things like dribbling. This is why players like Xavi are historically not better than players like Ramires in FIFA.
It feels like this game has a sort of baseline effectiveness of every mechanic, and mechanics increase with attributes to wildly varying extents. For example the difference between a 70 pace player and a 80 pace player is astonishing but the same difference between passing or crossing or various mental stats feels almost negligible in practice.

What I'm getting at is that the whole thing is fundamentally flawed. FIFA has even adopted "balance" as a buzzword this year, which is really concerning. It's pretty simple on paper, albeit very difficult in practice: make a game where players who couldn't do a particular thing to save their life in the real world can't do it, and vise versa for those who can do it. Instead we get blanket changes that compress the spectrum of performance variance within an attribute. fut16coin wishes we could reach a point where we're arguing more often about whether specific players should be able to do what they do in the game and not whether or not a baseline mechanic is "OP" but I'm not holding my breath.


If EA's history with this game is anything to go off, this early crossing mechanic will probably be one of those where your 73 rated regen right back is slinging in Beckhamesque crosses from the halfway line only marginally less consistently than someone with 90 crossing. And then they'll end up nerfing it for everyone so even the best crosser in the world will send it into the goalkeeper's arms 90% of the time. This is not the right genre to balance like a MOBA.

The thing is though, a lot of these buzzwords accompany changes that ostensibly target a lot of the common complaints about FIFA 15. The fact that defenders (again, ostensibly) no longer play like they're on fucking ice skates is a game changer. Players intercepting more passes is a game changer. More variance in shot types is a game changer.

OK now you actually have to give them the credit for. 2 years in a row they actually working on the bad sides of the Fifa 16 coins ps3, rather than adding some new animations. The offensive side of the game since the 15 demo was too close to the perfect. Now can't wait for defensive. The question how do they implant it with controllers. My guess would be half-AI half manual controller. Can't wait for the demo.

There are significantly more realistic in FIFA 16

Overall the game-play is an improvement over last year and games are significantly more realistic, not necessarily more fun, with lower scoring tight games becoming the norm over previous year goal fests. As you go up the divisions and people learn to defend better it becomes a real struggle to create clear chances and any small mistakes made can easily lead to a lost game.

Defence is overpowered
With the prevalence of formations with at least one but usually two defensive midfielders there is very little space in the middle third of the pitch making playing through the midfield quite tough, combine this with highly over-tuned interceptions meaning more direct play is also incredibly difficult it can e quite a task to mount threatening attacks.

Playing a possession style is not that effective
Simply put passing the ball from back to front is really risky. Due to defences being tough to break down the easiest way to score a goal is to rob the ball in the oppositions half and hit them on the break when there is more space. The more passes you play with Fifa 16 coins ps3, the more likely you are to give the ball away, you have to be unbelievably careful with each pass you play as one misplaced pass could be the game and it happens far to often.

High pressure isn't the best way to defend but the best way to attack
As mentioned before winning the ball up the pitch is the best way to score making high pressure extremely common. However it does open up space to be outplayed with good passing. Unfortunately for those who like to play a passing game it is more common that the person playing high pressure wins the ball than the times you play around them.

Defending a lead is way too easy
If you manage to get a lead simply going into defensive and manually tracking runs and holding your shape in midfield often makes you impregnable because defending is so overpowered and passing is not fantastic, especially through balls. It also means the person chasing the game throws players forwards and counter attacking is a piece of cake.


Crosses are pretty useless
Despite the new crossing systems wing play on this game is really stupid. The most dangerous ways to score from out wide are very early crosses or getting to the bar line and dribbling into the box hoping for a pen or a cut back (sigh). Crossing from beyond the penalty box very rarely results in a goal as keepers claim anything even remotely close to them and defenders win the vast majority of headers not matter how good the cross.

Pace is still amazing, but not in the same way as the last few years
The old lump the ball over the top to a pacey striker is dead however pace is equally as abusable in this fifa as it was in previous versions, it just needs to be paired with high dribbling. As passing is risky but tackling is hard the best way to attack is simply running at your opponent with a high dibbling and agile player (Cuadrado/Bolasie/Konoplyanka). The LT/RT dribbling is strong and accelerating past defenders will either work out or get you a free kick 7 times out of 10 and will get you an absurd amount of penalties.

Officiating is broken
While everyone complains about penalties that isn't even the worst way officiating is broken. Offsides are now called even when the player offside doesn't get near the ball (especially bad when using manual through balls or passing). The referee calls advantage but the moment you play the ball calls back for a free kick, even when the break is on, even when you have the ball in the opponents net! You can pulled, pushed , knocked off the ball from behind when the opponent has no hope of getting the ball and the referee will never call a foul even though it massively impairs your players abilities. Using strength to win the ball (shoulder to shoulder) will result in a foul if the strength difference is large enough and the other player falls over, making high strength an awful asset. Opposition running into your stationary players is called for a foul even if it is no where near the ball. Also an opposition player catching a defender with the follow through results in the foul being given against the defender, even if the ball has gone.